Line Up

Sub Stage



The indie pop band, consisting of guitar, drums, and bass, includes:
Kang Kiwi on guitar and vocals
Choi Seyo on drums
Lee Teukmin on bass
The band has become a sensation in the indie scene,
consistently selling out performances at Hongdae clubs.

The Bowls

Inspired by classic rock, the five-member band consists of:
Seo Gunho on guitar and vocals
Park Junsung on guitar
Yoon Hyunsup on bass and trumpet
Lee Sul on drums
Lim Sunghyun on keys
The Bowls gained significant attention for their active performance at the 2022 Pentaport Rock Festival. Further solidifying their mark in the music industry, the band was nominated for Best Modern Rock Record at the 20th Korean Popular Music Awards in 2023.